West Street Stories™ is the very first book from our brand new publishing company: West Street Enterprises. The anthology magazine features brand new stories highlighting the health-filled adventures of Vita-Man™; the continuing Saga of Tom O’Bedlam™; and, an added feature in our newest issue, the strange tales of The Immortal™).

Issue #1 is available through any of the finer comic shops. Our premier issue, West Street Stories #0, can only be obtained directly from the fine gentlemen (that’s us) who wrote, drew, inked and created the entire book either by meeting us at an event or right here at our On-line Convention!

If we meet in person, we can glad-hand and schmooze a bit and then sign your book for you. You’ll also get to meet the brains of our operation, that famous hi-tech miracle of modern science, the Automatic Numbering Machine (self-inking, no less). You’ll leave with a signed and numbered limited-edition print that’s sure to become a family treasure: West Street Stories #0. We call it our “Collector’s Item Convention Issue.” All this for only the cover price of $2.50!

Of course, what’s really important is that you’ll get a couple of great stories, and meet two exciting new characters. After all, that’s what comics are really supposed to be about. At West Street we bring FUN back to comics.

As mentioned, West Street Stories #1 is in all the better comic shops-- if you don’t see it, DEMAND it! And watch for appearances of Messrs. Dobbins and Tudor at a comic convention near you, so that you can get your issue of West Street Stories #0 signed and numbered by the creators.

If you absolutely can’t wait, you can order your very own copies of West Street Stories #0 or #1 from us right here and now. Just click the “Add to Shopping Cart” word balloons below.

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Your brand-spanking-new copies of West Street Stories will be on their way for you to enjoy! OK, it’s another shameless sell-job. But it’s hard to hold ourselves back when we know how much you’re missing by NOT owning your own little part of West Street. It really is!

Here’s a shopping tip: When buying multiple copies, issues or items, be sure to include them all on ONE order whenever possible. This helps us keep our costs down so that we can continue to offer valuable extras – like free shipping!

What’s that? You want to know more about what the books are actually about? Glad you asked.

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More about West Street Stories #1

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