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Small Press and Independent Publishers are the real hope of the comics industry for continued creative viability. Face it, the big guys are often limited by what they can sell to the corporate accountants running the show. Their myopic vision has focused the field down to a capes-and-long-underwear mentality that has slowly eroded comics readership to all-time lows. Don’t get me wrong, I love super-heroes, but comics can be that and more-- so much more. If the current trend is to be reversed-- if comics are to survive as a medium-- creative people like the guys and gals whose sites are listed below will be a major reason. Check them out. You’ll find variety, satire, adventure and more fun than a poke in the eye!*

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* Although we have seen each of the sites listed, and don’t find them personally objectionable, it is NOT our job to act as censors. Tastes and tolerance differ. It is your job as a consumer to decide what is appropriate for you. Thankfully, you still have that option in cyberspace.
Please be advised that some material you may access via these links might be objectionable to some individuals. We’ve given short descriptions on each site below, but this should NOT be construed as an endorsement or approval of the material contained at each site. Such approval is up to you. The opinions and views expressed at each site are not necessarily those of the management or individuals at West Street Enterprises.

Lonely Robot Comics, the creators of The Silver Bullet, The Redeemers, Once Upon a Time and The Infernal Fyre-Dragon

After his father’s murder, Ian Drake learns of his family’s history as defenders of the defenseless and decides to renew the family vow, under the guise of the Infernal Fyre-Dragon.

Back Porch Comics

Back Porch Comics, publisher of fine small press comics since 1987, presents Oh, Comics! and the graphic novel, Test, among other things. From SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) honcho Bob Corby in his well-guarded secret identity as comics artist extraordinaire.

Candle Light

Candle Light Press. A cool site for cool comics. This one skimps on words but has some great quick loading graphics and animated gifs. Hey, who needs words when a picture is worth so much more? Home of Shades and Angels, Zoo Force and The Scrounge.

Choosy Beggar Books

Read the comic adventures and learn the history of Kyle and Barry at Midville High School. Brought to you courtesy of Matt Blair and Choosy Beggar Comics.

Dan Bergen's gutwallow

Dan Berger’s gutwallow: the Gingerbread Man. Much of the intent of this series is to explore gutwallow’s discoveries about the world and his journey to discover his self. Goals are not always what they seem, and when attained, they do not always bring what we had hoped for...

The world is a complicated place, even for cute little gingerbread men.

Zlatko Milenkovic Comics

Visit Zlatko Milenkovic, an author of comics from Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Zlatko wishes to have contacts with foreign editors, other authors, devoted fans and organizers of comic strip festivals.

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